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Schwalbe AV5 Folding 17x1 1/4 to fit Moulton Bikes also fits 18", Schrader/Car Valve


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Moulton Bike Sized 17x1.25,also fits 18"- Schrader/Car Valve

  • This size is most often used for folding 18" bikes and will fit most Moulton Bikes. 
  • There are a lot of tyre options for folding bike tyres and tube so please check that you need one of the sizes listed below.  The information should be written on your tyre sidewall.
  • Auto valve type (AKA Car Valve, Schrader Valve or American Valve).
  • Standard length valve suitable for most rims up to a maximum 30mm deep.
  • Reinforced dual thickness tube/valve interface to prevent punctures.
  • Standard weight butyl rubber construction.

These innertubes are compatible with the following ETRTO tire sizes:

18 x 1.50 = ETRTO 40- 355
18 x 1.75 = ETRTO 47- 355

17 x 1 1/4 = ETRTO 32- 369

18 x 1 3/8 = ETRTO 37- 390     450 x 35A

18 x 1 3/8 = ETRTO 37-400

As you can see this tube will fit both the ETRTO rim sizes 355, 369, 390 and 400mm. You may know that rim and tyre sizes must match each other exactly, but due to the flexibility of an inner tube they can often fit more than one rim size.

Click to find out more about ETRTO tyre sizing and whether this is the right tube for your bike. 


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