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Rubena 20x1-1.5" Folding Bike Inner Tube Car Valve H03

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Rubena 20x1" - 1.5" Inner Tube Car Valve

  • This size is most often used on 20" folding bikes with narrow tyres and some children's road bikes.
  • Auto valve type (AKA Car Valve, Schrader Valve or American Valve).
  • Reinforced dual thickness tube/valve interface to prevent punctures.
  • Standard weight butyl rubber construction.

These innertubes are compatible with the following ETRTO tire sizes:

20" x 1.00" = ETRTO 25-406
20" x 1.10" = ETRTO 28-406
20" x 1.25" = ETRTO 32-406
20" x 1.35" = ETRTO 35-406
20" x 1 1/8" = ETRTO 28-406
20" x 1 1/4" = ETRTO 32-406

Click to find out more about ETRTO tyre sizing and whether this is the right tube for your bike. 

About Rubena

Rubena are one of Europe€™s leading specialist producers of bicycle tyres and inner tubes. First known as Rubena in 1947 this company has a rich history and is based in the Czech Republic. All of Rubena's products are strictly quality controlled and they have a great range which means they can offer some of the more obscure bicycle and children's pram inner tubes and tyres which aren't always available from other producers such as bent/90 degree valve options. Thank you Rubena for solving quick a few problem for cyclists and parents!




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