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20" Dr Sludge Self Sealing Inner Tube Car Valve

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Dr Sludge Self Sealing 20" Inner Tube for BMX / Children's Bikes

    • Contains a sealant to prevent flat bicycle tyres
    • Seals punctures up to 3mm in length
    • Harmless sealant works time after time

     Sizing Information

    • This size is most often used on BMX bikes or Children's MTBs using 20" wheels
    • Auto valve type (AKA Car Valve, Schrader Valve or American Valve).
    • Standard length valve suitable for almost all MTB rims up to a maximum 25mm.
    • Reinforced dual thickness tube/valve interface to prevent punctures.
    • Standard weight butyl rubber construction.

    These innertubes are compatible with the following ETRTO tire sizes:

    20" x 1.75" = ETRTO 44-406
    20" x 1.8" = ETRTO 47-406
    20" x 1.95" = ETRTO 50-406
    20" x 2.0" = ETRTO 52-406
    20" x 2.1" = ETRTO 54-406
    20" x 2.2" = ETRTO 56-406

    Click to find out more about ETRTO tyre sizing and whether this is the right tube for your bike.





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