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Simply match the valve on your current tube to the images below

Car Valve

Car Valve

AKA - Schrader / American / Auto
The same valve as is used on car tyres and most often used on inner tubes where lower pressures are required such as mountain bike, BMX and children's bikes.
Rim Valve Hole Diameter Approx 8mm
Presta Valve

Presta Valve

AKA - High Pressure / French
Used where light-weight or high-pressure are requirements such as road and racing mountain bike innertubes.
Rim Valve Hole Diameter Approx 6mm
Woods Valve

Woods Valve

AKA - Dunlop / English
This type of valve is almost never used on modern bicycles and due to low demand we stock very few Woods valve tubes. However, the rim valve hole drilling is the same size as that required for car valves so we recommend simply purchasing the tube you require in a car valve option. Almost every pump will be compatible with car type valves too. Woods valves used to be preferred over car valves for higher pressure applications but modern car/schrader valves can hold pressures in excess of 70PSi without issues.
Rim Valve Hole Diameter Approx 8mm

Which Presta Valve Length For My Road / CX Rims?

The depth of your Road/Triathlon/Cyclo-Cross rims may mean that you are required to choose longer valve inner tubes or even use valve extenders which are purchased separately. It is very rare that any other bikes require longer valve tubes but if at all worried you can use the rim depth guide below or contact us and tell us what model of bike you have and please tell us anything written on your wheel rim.

Please note the exact valve length required is also affected by your pump head as a small minority of pump heads require more than the 12mm of valve left showing out of the rim which we have used to compile this guide. If you are at all worried that the valve may be too short than it is best to go for the longer option as they will then definitely work.

Up to 30mm deep rims

Use 42mm Standard Presta Valves

Up to 50mm deep rims

Use 62mm Long Presta Valves


Rims over 50mm deep

Use Valve Extenders

Or 82mm Extra Long Presta Valves

Which Car Valve Shape For My Wheels?

If you have a pram, mobility scooter or any other wheel that is very small, sometimes a straight car valve does not give you enough clearance to pump up your tyres, so a tube with a bent car valve is required. Most of the time a straight car valve is fine though. If you are in any doubt, check what type of valve your old tube had.

Bent valve: More clearance for small wheels

Straight valve: For most other wheels

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