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If you're not happy with one of our own brand tubes just send photograph/s of the innertube which clearly shows the product code printing on the tube sidewall and the problem you have with the product to . Also include in the email an explanation of why you're not happy and include the details listed below. We'll either send you a replacement tube or refund you the cost of the product, your choice. No need to return your inner tubes.*

Please Email

  • Your Name
  • Your Postcode
  • Your Order Number
  • Images of the product code on the tube sidewall
  • Image showing why you're not happy with your tube

We'll either refund you the cost of the product or send you a new tube, your choice.

*Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions: Image of product should show the issue as clearly as possible. The guarantee only applies to own brand tubes and no other products, items or inner tubes from other brands. reserves the right to withdraw the guarantee without prior notice. Please allow 28 days from confirmation email for refund to reach your account. Your email must include the details listed above.

For returning unwanted items or simply cancelling orders please see our Cancellations, Refunds and Returns Policy 


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