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Give it a go, bike shops normally charge £4-£6s just for the labour to fit each tube. 

Don’t worry, it may look like a long list of instructions but we’ve padded it out with all our little know-how secrets to help.


  1. Remove wheel from bicycle frame/fork. You may also have to release the brake to fit the tyre through. See bicycle manufacturer’s instructions as wheel and brake systems vary greatly but usually you either need a spanner, a hex key or your wheel will have a quick release lever.
  2. Remove valve cap (if fitted) then if any pressure remains deflate the old inner tube:
    1. Car Valve; use a small object to depress the centre pin of the valve
    2. Presta Valve; unscrew the valve head and then depress the pin.
    3. Help with identifying valves at
  3. Remove one side of the tyre, you can leave the other side in place. This should be done either by hand or with a plastic tyre lever. DO NOT use sharp objects such as a screw driver as this may damage the tyre or tube. It can help to loosen the tyre if you pinch the tyre between your fingers and pull the tyre beads (the rounded edge where the tyre contacts the rim) to the centre of the rim.
  4. Take out old the inner tube
  5. Clean inside the tyre and check for sharp objects or cuts in the tyre. You can also find the puncture hole in the tube to help locate the position of any foreign objects that may be lodged in the tyre that caused the puncture. Inflating the tube and listening/feeling for air escaping will help find the hole. Remove any sharp objects you find to prevent future punctures. If you find a cut or hole in your tyre this may need replacing.
  6. Unwrap and very slightly inflate the new tube so it will easily fit into the tyre but holds some shape.
  7. Place the valve of the new tube into the valve hole.
  8. Loosely fit valve lock ring if provided.
  9. Sit the new tube into the tyre by gradually feeding it into the tyre carcass. Make sure the tube is not twisted.
  10. Replace bead (edge) of tyre onto the rim first using your hands, gradually pushing the tube inside as you go. Then if necessary use tyre levers to finish the last section. This can be a tricky job so be patient, it will eventually go on.  Remember to be careful with tyre levers as they can nip and puncture the tube.
  11. Go around the rim on both sides pulling back the tyre wall and inspect for sections of inner tube showing that might be trapped under the tyre bead.  If you inflate a tyre with any part of the tube trapped under the tyre bead the tube may escape and burst with quite a startling bang. To rectify trapped tube sections, either lift the bead off the rim again and refit, or use your hands to roll and lift the tyre to try and free the trapped sections.
  12. Refit wheel into frame/fork and tighten to bike/wheel manufacturer’s suggested settings. Refit the brake if loosened - see bicycle manufacturer’s instructions. Some front wheels can go in either way round so check the tyre sidewall as tyres often have a rotation direction.
  13. Inflate tyre to recommended pressure on tyre sidewall and inspect to make sure tyre bead is correctly seated. If bulges appear around the edge of the tyre and rim then immediately deflate and re-adjust tyre bead position to prevent dangerous blow offs.
  14. If you have a valve lock-nut tighten it to a setting that prevents rattling but don’t over tighten as this may pull your valve out of the tube and cause another puncture!

Enjoy your ride and the fact that you saved £££s using

If you are at all unsure about fitting your inner tube then contact us or speak to your local bike shop.


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