innovative technology, market leading batteries and LED emitters and extensive testing. Of course this was all focused towards the needs of us as cyclists so we can enjoy riding safely even when the nights are long.

If you own a Lezyne bicycle light, pump, tool, tyre lever or patch kit you just want to fiddle with it because they are just so well made! Do you think we like Lezyne? It's pretty obvious why ;-)

Lezyne Mega Drive Loaded 2014 Front Bicycle Light 1200 Lumen USB charging
Lezyne Mega Drive Loaded Front Light 1200 Lumen £199.99
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Lezyne Mini Drive XL 2014 Front Bicycle Light 250 Lumen USB on mount
Lezyne Mini Drive XL Front Light 250 Lumen £59.99
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The Lezyne Zecto Drive Front bicycle light mounted mounted
Lezyne Zecto Drive Front Light £29.99
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Lezyne Lights Helmet Mount for Micro, Macro, Hectro Drive bicycle lights
Lezyne Lights Helmet Mount for Micro, Macro, Hecto Drive £8.99
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Lezyne Lights Alloy Bar Mount 25.4 overall view
Lezyne Lights Alloy Bar Mounts for Mega Drive, Deca Drive, XL Drive £11.99
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